TracyMy name is Tracy Repchuk and for the past 10 years I have mastered the art of the Amazon bestseller launch, after getting my first self published book to #1 on Amazon in 2006, and then repeating it time and time again for myself, clients, and with my own publishing company.

Originally I was just doing this for myself, and since it became such a step by step process for me to hit bestseller, then #1 bestseller, then #1 International bestseller, I realized after people started to beg me to help them – that I had a skill that was needed and wanted.

What I originally decided to do with this skill, was to make it really easy for you. I created a company called QuantumLeapAuthor – and a division called QuantumLeapPublisher – which creates books that I invite 11 other authors into, and with very little effort, launch you to gain bestseller status for yourself.

After doing this many times, and feeling the gratitude of many new authors who had some leverage and authority with this new title, I felt that it was now time to show you how to do it too.

Even though many of you are joining me as a new author in QuantumLeapPublishing and will have me actually doing the launch on your behalf, knowing how to do it is empowering.

It means you can do it for yourself one day if you choose to. And that gives you the power you need to grow.