Want Me to Do a Bestseller Launch For You?

If you are considering doing a book – you definitely want to add a bestseller book launch, campaign and strategy – and the best place to start is before you have written the book.

If your book is ready to go – then for all that hard work you want to make sure you get the most out of it – that is strategy

Without strategy you could have the greatest piece of literary work or helpful advice on your hands, and nobody knows about it, so it sits there among the 4 million books in which 97% of them sell under 15 copies.

When you have your own book or book idea you want to get out – doing it right is critical to it’s success. I’d like to tell you the hard part of writing and launching a book so it gets noticed is done at the writing stage – but the hard work actually begins when the book is finished.

There are hundreds of moving parts – there is strategy before you even close the book that may need to be integrated so it’s even more successful and – there is the launch – the pre-launch – the post launch – the websites – and the list actually goes on.

If you are thinking about launching a book – writing a book – or have a book that needs help getting out there – schedule a call and let’s make this the best it can be.


I Couldn’t Have Become a #1 Bestseller Without Tracy