Making it Easy


Time is money, and you are already busy enough without adding more to your plate – which is why we developed a system where getting your chapter in takes just 30 minutes of your time.

How is that for efficiency, and getting one of the most powerful credibility assets you will ever own.

You get included in a bestseller book launch, participate in a live scenario, get the title for yourself for life, join a community of amazing authors just like you, and get the training so that you can do it for yourself or friends later.

It’s win (you become a bestseller), win (you get elevated to a new level by association with myself and gain lifetime connections the other authors in this community) and win (you get the training you need to do it yourself.)


  • The greatest way to instantly establish credibility is to be featured as an expert in a book of high caliber experts.
  • Brilliant marketing opportunity for your brand and business and strongest tool there is.
  • Increase trust and authority.
  • Leader in you marketing.
  • Part of your legacy.
  • The books can be sold or given away as promotions.
  • Books have a real perceived value which makes them an appreciated gift. They are never thrown away.
  • It is also common practice for savvy marketers to bundle their books with coaching programs, or other products and services to increase the resell value significantly.

As part of this book not only will you have me and I have hired a fantastic publishing company that will be handling all of the moving parts including the best seller launch campaign. Clients and readers will have no idea this is a form of advertisement, and will be thoroughly impressed.

Only 12 Authors are Chosen. Make One of them YOU!

Only $3500



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Past #1 International Bestselling Books Include: